Selling Your House Before Divorce is Settled


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Going through a divorce can be a sad experience especially when the couples have kids and have been together for years. For couples who are in this situation, they might be thinking of selling their houses before the divorce is settled. 


However, several factors might make this process smooth or hamper its sales. Couples who intend to sell houses before a divorce is settled should take their time to avoid problems. 


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of selling houses before a divorce is completed. 

What to consider when preparing to sell a house before a divorce is settled


If you are considering selling your property before your divorce is completed, here are factors to consider:


Joint property


You will need to identify if the home is owned by both of you. Joint houses are more difficult to sell than when they’re owned by both parties. When a couple owns a property, they both have to agree to sell the house before a deal can be struck. 


Repairs and renovations


When you decide to sell a house before a divorce is settled, you might want to decide if you want it sold as-is or if you want to make renovations. These financial logistics can help you decide if it’s worth waiting for the divorce to be completed or not. 


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Does either of the spouses want the house kept? 


Before thinking of selling the house, if either of you wants to keep the house, it might be difficult. Will you be ready to pay the remaining mortgage and other costs? Will the other spouse share the rent and mortgage? You will need to talk to your bank about these possibilities before you can sell the house. 


Selling Concern


 If both of you agree to sell the house, what are your buying options? Who will look for a realtor or show the house? Would you prefer a realtor, estate agent, or Cash Home Buyer iBuySTL


Advantages of selling a house before divorce is completed


Here are some benefits of selling your property before separation is finished: 


Better Tax Benefits


 When you decide to sell your house before the divorce is final, some states will allow you to write off certain taxes. This is only possible when both of you film at the same time. However, when you sell the property after your divorce, the tax benefits slash by 50%. 


Dividing assets is easy


When the house is sold before a divorce is final, couples can divide the proceeds easily, however, when you refuse to sell, both of you will have to negotiate for a better offer later.


 Peace of mind


 Homes varied several memories and emotions for the occupants. This is because you both will have to relish the time spent together on the same roof.


 To avoid these emotional traumas, many couples prefer selling their homes before a divorce is completed. Deciding to sell your house may hasten the healing process for both of you. 


Disadvantages of Selling Your House Before Divorce is settled


Here are some drawbacks of selling your house before a divorce is finalized:

Stress and anxiety


Divorce processes are stressful and can cause anxiety, that’s why many homeowners may prefer to hold off before selling their properties. People dread combining divorce processes and home sales, so they wait for everything to be settled. 


New accommodation


 Finding a new place to live amidst a divorce can be stressful. Couples might not want to pay for temporary accommodation before their divorce is settled. For those with children, selling their homes before divorce is settled is challenging. 


Final Thoughts


Homes are huge assets for many people, therefore selling them before their divorce is completed isn’t easy for many. Couples who wish to sell their homes before or after a divorce should consider using iBuySTL  for a quick sale.