The truth they say has the potential to set you free. Learn, once and for all, the unpopular truth about we buy houses St Louis and how to use every bit of information to your advantage when selling your house in Saint Louis and its environs.

We Buy Houses St Louis

Using We Buy Houses St Louis is highly beneficial

The best thing that could happen to a distressed seller who requires a quick sale is to work with a good home buyer in Saint Louis. Cash home buyers could be an excellent way of getting out of life fixes such as foreclosure, bereavement of a partner, divorce, and so on.


The benefit you obtain from using we buy houses St Louis include the following;


  • No fee payment
  • Quick turnaround on sales
  • Fair cash offer
  • No need to spend additional money on home staging.


All of these benefits and lots more are what homeowners get when they sell their home to a home-buying company in Saint Louis.

Not Every Cash Home Buyer Is Honest

That’s just the bitter truth about it. Not every home-buying company that has a signpost saying “we buy houses St Louis” is found to be honest. Some are just a group of investors that are seeking to take advantage of desperate sellers to make a huge profit from flipping their property after a sale.


One common tactic that investors and unscrupulous home-buying companies use to achieve their plan is Gazundering. This is when they make a high cash offer and get the seller elated, then bring down their offer right before completion of the sale.

Gazundering Is Common Amongst Some Cash Buyers

What is Gazundering? As we have explained earlier, some home-buying companies are so fond of Gazundering towards the end of a sale to put sellers in a difficult position such that they do not escape working with them. Once the price offer for a property is suddenly brought down, the seller is left with two options; either to accept the new and unfavorable offer or back out and start over from scratch.


Some sellers may have the fear of missing out on the deal due to the long time spent on the process. This may result in accepting the new offer for the gain of the home-buying company.

You Can Avoid Gazundering From Cash House Buyers

There are several ways through which you can avoid being Gazundered by cash-for-house companies. We have listed a few below.

Investigate The Company

Before committing yourself to a cash home buyer in Saint Louis, make sure you run a “coin check” on their website and confirm if they include vital details on their official website. Also, check to see if the company has a track record of successful transactions in the past.

Are They a Member of TPO?

TPO — The Property Ombudsman — offers property protection and rights to clients and cash home buyers. Being a member of this body is a huge mark of quality and may validate a good service.

Demand Customer Reviews

Do not be afraid to ask for recent transactions from past sellers. Take it a step further by contacting those sellers to inquire if they had a good working relationship with the home-buying company.

Do Not Sign Any Contract

There’s no valid reason why you should go-ahead to sign a contract with a cash home buyer when seeking to sell your house fast. If you notice they are trying to get you to sign a contract, there’s a likelihood they are trying to put you in a fix.

In such a situation where you agree to a cash offer and thereafter proceed to sign a contract, the buyer may reduce the offer Intentionally, leaving you with no option but to accept the new offer. At i Buy STL, when we buy houses St Louis, we do not attach any contract signing to the process. Get in touch today to get a profitable deal from us


We Buy Houses St Louis