Long before now, there has always been a controversial discussion in the real estate community about whether homeowners would prefer to work by hiring a competent real estate agent or dive right in for a cash home buyer.


If you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive explanation of the dichotomy of real estate agents and we buy houses St Louis, you’re at the right spot to get valuable information on that. Hold tight and enjoy the ride.

Who is a Realtor?

A realtor — which is another word for a real estate agent — is one or more persons that manage the affairs of the real estate market. There are a handful of executions carried out by a real estate agent and one of these myriads of responsibilities is to help buyers and sellers achieve the objective of making sales happen effortlessly.


Let’s take, for instance, if you have a property in Saint Louis and don’t know how to go about selling it, the best thing to do is to hire a realtor to help handle the sales. Once a sale is achieved, the realtor gets his commission and you walk away with your money. There are other sides to this story which we’ll explain later in this guide, but that’s as simple as it can be.

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Who is a Cash Home Buyer?

Having explained who a realtor is and how they help bring the home sale to reality, it’s time to talk about cash home buyers. Have you ever driven past a signpost or a billboard that says “we buy houses St Louis“? Chances are that you’ve come across more cash home buyers than realtors.


Unlike working with a real estate agent, a cash home buyer’s mode of operation is quite different. You don’t need to hire them to run around for you, looking for suitable buyers to pay for your Saint Louis property. What you do in this case is to contact them, provide your property information and await a cash offer from them. That’s much more simple, isn’t it?

Realtor Vs We Buy Houses St Louis

Now that you have an idea of who a realtor and a cash home buyer St Louis is, let’s settle the scores between them both by highlighting their pros and cons, then end with our verdict.

Pros of using a Realtor


  • Get multiple chances to interface with different potential buyers
  • Get high-paying home investors to see your property
  • Buyers get the best property listing in the vicinity


Cons of using a Realtor

  • The commission may take a higher percentage of your sale
  • This may take up too much investment


Pros of using a Cash Home Buyer

  • No need for you to pay any commission
  • Sell your house fast in a matter of days
  • Helps you to save more money while you sell
  • There’s no market competition for you


Cons of using a Cash Home Buyer

  • Although you may get a nice deal, you may not get your desired offer for your house


Our Verdict

From the contrast and comparisons that have been made above, two conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, if you can afford the expense of hiring a realtor and settle with his commission rate, then you’re good. On the other hand, if you’re on a very tight budget and need cash quickly and effortlessly, then a cash home buyer is your best bet.


Lastly, if you’re looking to sell your house fast and efficiently, at i Buy STL,  we buy houses St Louis with one of the simplest process in Saint Louis and a fair cash offer. You won’t regret entrusting your property to us.

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