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Are We buy Houses St Louis the fastest route to sell your house?

We Buy Houses St Louis

We Buy Houses St Louis, we know when you are faced with a situation that warrants you to sell your house fast, you’ll most certainly be on the lookout for the fastest route to sell your house.

While there are many options such as listing, using a realtor or selling by auction, experience has shown that the fastest route to sell your house is using  We buy Houses St Louis.

We Buy Houses St Louis

Without a doubt, realtors are prominent stakeholders when it comes to a successful house sale. However, using a realtor comes with its own set of complications and time commitments.

Before you decide to sell your St. Louis property, think about if it needs any repairs, how much you want to make, and what kind of response you’ll get. It’s critical to consider what could have an impact on your transaction.

Although it may be tempting to accept a lesser offer to expedite the sale, you should resist doing so since desperate purchasers will take the lowest offer.

Different avenues to sell your house fast St Louis

By Auction 

An ideal place to sell your house is using an auction sale. Auctions are like sales events where Distressed sellers can put their properties for a bidding competition. Potential home buyers place their bids and the highest bids win. Many Homeowners love this avenue because they believe they can make huge profits. 

Using a Realtor 

Realtors are professional licensed real estate agents who know about home sales and buying. They are usually trustworthy and dependable. However, they collect some commission percentage when the deal is completed. There is a lot of paperwork and business regulations that come with real estate firms. Filling out these forms can be a pain in the ass. The entire procedure takes a long time. Sometimes the payoff isn’t even worth the effort you put in.


Homeowners can use a listing to sell their house in St Louis. Listing agents are experts who represent Distressed sellers in home sales transactions. They help list your homes and work with buyers on your behalf to get a good deal. 

Using We Buy Houses St Louis

We buy houses St Louis firms are investors who buy homes as-is and are ready to offer you a cash offer. They renovate and upgrade the house before selling it to other interested parties. They can buy damaged, burnt, and old houses quickly. 

Here are the processes to go through when dealing with we buy houses St Louis firms :


Visit our website to fill out an online form where you will state everything about yourself and the house. At this point,  transparency is crucial in order to get a favorable quote from we buy houses St Louis . You could also get our numbers on our website and give us a call. 


When your order is processed, we will make arrangements to visit your property. This is a physical inspection to determine if all information on your form is accurate and to view what upgrades are needed. This is usually done between 24-48 hours from first contact. 

Offer made 

After a physical assessment has been completed, we will immediately make you a cash offer. This cash offer is made based on recent real estate prices, and house conditions amongst other factors. You can haggle a bit if you think the offer is below your expectation. We are happy to reach a suitable bargain. 

Deal closed 

After a cash offer has been agreed upon, the necessary documents will be signed and the deal will be closed immediately. It’s great to always be ready to close these home sales fast because we are always ready to get it done fast.