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Carondelet Park St Louis

Carondelet Park is a historic park located in southeast St. Louis that has 180 acres of open space. It is easy to find by taking the Loughborough Avenue exit off Interstate 70. The park is a great place to walk or jog, and it has many attractions for visitors to enjoy. You may also want to check out the bear pits, Peat’s Eyez mural, or Union ironclads.

Peat’s Eyez mural

Visitors can enjoy a large mural of two blinking eyes in the South Broadway neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. This mural is made by Kirkwood-based street artist Peat Wollaeger. It is the latest in a series of public art projects aimed at transforming the three-mile stretch of South Broadway. The Carondelet Housing Corporation is planning to create up to 10 additional murals along this stretch of the city’s streets.

The mural is part of a community revitalization initiative in the Carondelet neighborhood. It depicts a park scene. The mural is a tribute to the late artist Clark Terry, whose widow and two proteges are part of the team that created it. Among those who attended the dedication ceremony were jazz musicians and members of the Terry family.

Union ironclads

The Carondelet shipyards south of St. Louis are home to a fleet of seven ironclads. These vessels were designed by naval architect Samuel Pook and Mississippi River captain James B. Eads. During the Civil War, these ironclads fought in the Battles of Fort Henry and Donelson in February and March, as well as the Battles of Plum Point Bend and Memphis in May and July. These ships also participated in the Battle of Vicksburg in July.

The Union ironclads are an important part of St. Louis’s history. These boats served as artillery, minesweepers, and destroyers during the Civil War. The riverfront property was used for shipbuilding and supported by nearby foundries, rolling mills, and sawmills. Carondelet was a major industrial center and a city during the American Civil War. James Eads, the owner of the shipyards at Carondelet, built the Union ironclads. He also built Ironclads for the South.

Bear pits

Carondelet Park is a 180-acre park in southeast St. Louis. Visitors can enter the park through Loughborough Avenue. It was founded in 1875 and is open to the public. It is a popular tourist destination and features many activities. You can also view wildlife in its natural habitat.

The bear pits are part of the park. In the early 20th century, these pits were dug in a rock formation and were used to trap bears. Later, the pits were enclosed with a stone wall. Today, they are a great place to watch bears.

There is currently a new bird habitat planned for the Bear Pit, which will incorporate the old bear pit. It will also feature walking paths, benches, and native plant species. There will also be interpretive signage, which will guide visitors through the new habitat.

Walking/jogging/cycling trails

Carondelet Park is a 180-acre park in southeast St. Louis. Its exit is on Loughborough Avenue. The park is popular with both locals and tourists. Its walking and jogging trails provide a variety of exercise options.

The park’s paved pathways offer opportunities for walking, running, and cycling. A popular walking path is the Grant’s Trail, which honors Ulysses S. Grant. This trail was built over a former Missouri Pacific Railroad.

The park features miles of trails leading past scenic greenways, lakes, and rivers. You can run, bike, or jog while taking in the sights.

Alexander Lyle House

The Alexander Lyle House is one of the oldest frame houses in St. Louis, and it predates the park itself. The home was originally built by the Lyles, a family that had settled in the neighborhood since pioneer days. It served as the park’s director’s residence until 1931, when it was converted into a senior center.

Located in the southeast corner of St. Louis, Carondelet Park is the third largest park in the city. The park has nearly 900 acres and was established in 1875. Accessible via Loughborough Avenue, the park borders Holly Hills Boulevard and the Carondelet neighborhood.

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