Benefits of using iBuySTL  vs St Louis realtors


iBuySTL St Louis Cash Home Buyers

When considering selling your properties, homeowners are always seeking the best and quick buying option. There are many home buying options to choose from and they include Homebuyer, estate agent, iBuyer, and auctions.


These options come with their strong and low points, depending on your preferences. The most popular ways to sell your house as-is are Home buying firms and realtors.


 Here are the top benefits of using iBuySTL vs realtors.


Buy your house as-is


Realtors or estate agents are licensed professionals who deal in house sales. However, they don’t buy houses, nor recommend houses for sale in bad conditions.


 Homeowners using realtors would have to renovate and repair the property before realtors can recommend it for sale. This isn’t the case with iBuySTL, they are ready to buy your house in any condition without the homeowners spending extra cost.


All you need to do is contact them and state the present condition and they will pay immediately. 


Cash Offer 


In the real sense, realtors don’t buy houses from customers, what they do is evaluate your property and find a buyer for you. All these are just time-wasting when you can contact iBuySTL who is ready to pay cash. 


If you need cash urgently and want to sell your house, talking to a realtor won’t work, a home buyer is your best option. 


They don’t collect commissions


 When you do business with iBuySTL , you aren’t required to pay any fees or commissions. They don’t ask for any consultation fees nor do they collect percentages on the final price. 


However, this isn’t the case with realtors. Realtors take-home sales as their job, and they demand you pay them commissions for their services. Asides from commissions that you will pay to realtors for helping you look for buyers for your home, they also receive a percentage of the final value of your property. 


Fast closure of deals


 Using a realtor when you want to sell your home can be time-consuming. Realtors have lots of jobs they are doing, so closing deals might take three to six months. This isn’t the case with iBuySTL , where you can get your house sold as quickly as two days.


 There is no time-wasting or unnecessary haggling and you can have your house sold fast.


 They manage foreclosure issues for distressed sellers


Many sellers are forced to sell their homes because of default in their mortgage payments. When issues like this arise, realtors offer no help and they can render any help to distressed sellers. 


However, iBuySTL s know how they can get around foreclose problems and sell the house fast. They can help sellers remove foreclosure from thero records, which will help them start their financial life back with a clean slate. 


No-obligation offer


 At iBuySTL they don’t force you to take their offer. You are under no compulsion to accept their cash offer, you can negotiate and haggle the price if you think the price is low. 


For realtors though, some of them might compel you to accept a cash offer because of the stress they might have passed through to get the buyer.




While realtors are licensed estate agents who can look for buyers for distressed sellers, they don’t offer superior services to iBuySTL . Using a  St Louis Cash home buyer remains the best option while selling your home. 


For distressed sellers who desire a quick and reliable firm to sell their homes fast St Louis as-is, iBuySTL remains their best bet.